Wednesday, January 21, 2009



Fake News Story:The next time that you are in a social group, make up a fairly realistic news story, and ask the others about it. My favorite is the hit and run of a State House Representative. I like to start out by asking, "Did anyone see that story about the State Representative that got killed in the hit and run accident?" One out of five people will say yes. I will then ask those who said yes, "Did you see what State he was from?" One out of five of those people will give you a state.People do not like to appear that they do not keep up with social happenings. Many people will tell little white lies just to look knowledgeable.


  1. sometimes it's best to tell a little white lie, only because if you don't know the answer, or anything about the topic, you'll always get that responce, "WHAT!?! YOU DON'T KNOW?!?!" However, if you answer and get it wrong, you'll look stupid. Remember how Joey from friends would be when he didn't know what anyone was talking about, he would "just nod and agree.".... lol